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Omar Niang’s new video

From the upcoming album called


Artist – Omar Nyang 

Song: Baye

Producer/Director – Antoine Bonsorte

Filmed at Mana Studios

Pedro Rosa – Vocals & Guitar
Julio Arcalá Fanti: Piano
Pablo Di Salvo – Bass
David Soldavini – Drums

Pedro Rosa – Vocals & Guitar
Julio Arcalá Fanti: Piano
Pablo Di Salvo – Bass
David Soldavini – Drums

One World Music 2

has been a great artistic and social success. 
Despite the one hour rain we were almost 800 people including more than 100 artists, performers, organizers and their invited friends and families. 
We were able to have our outdoor blessings and yoga class. 

Our workshops were very crowed and children have been able to play outdoors a good part of the day. 

The program started at 10am and ended at 1am. It was a 15 hours show of continuous music, dance and performances.
We heard many people saying they felt lots of love. This has really fulfilled our hearts and a good part of our goal is met. 

If we did not have rain our audience would have been 2 or 3 times larger, making it also an economic success.

Thank you to everybody who has participated with such will, perseverance and loving energy. 
We’ve created together an unforgettable day.

With love.


Mana Cultura presents the second edition of One World Music Celebration

a daytime event offering a day of great bands playing music from around the world, with live dance, art exhibits, circus performances, theatre, yoga, ceremonies, arts & crafts market, great atmosphere and kids’ zone. Thank you, Selma Montana, for capturing what it’s all about in your lovely song extract!…/

FREE for kids under 6 years old !
5€ for kids from 7 to 12 years old
8€ for the first 100 ONLINE purchases 
11€ ONLINE (limited tickets)
15€ each person at the event door


The event will offer delicious vegetarian dishes from various cultures. We expect around 1000+ people. Families, young adults, students, artists, children of all ages and healthy lifestyle interested individuals. 
We’ll celebrate the Beaver full moon and the second One World Music Celebration. (Beavers are highly regarded spirit animals, and they are the builders of their own life – something we all strive to be.) Come with your friends, families and kids as there’ll be lots of activities. It will be an unforgettable event!!

Sunday, November 5th 2017 – 12:00h -22:00h
Ca na Susi 
Carretera de Valldemossa 10,9km (5mn from Ocimax) 
Palma de Mallorca

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Mana Cultura presenta la segunda edicion de One World Music 

es un día de celebración que ofrece excelentes grupos de música y danza de todo el mundo, exposiciones de arte, performances de circo, teatro, yoga, ceremonias, mercado de artesanía y un gran ambiente para niños. 
Gracias Selma Montana por captar la esencia en tu canción encantadora!…/

GRATUITO para niños menos de 6 años!
5€ para niños de 7 a 12 años
8€ para los primeros 100 tickets ONLINE (Oferta válida hasta el 1 de Octubre 2017)
11€ ONLINE (cantidad limitada)
15€ por persona, en la puerta, el día del evento


Celebraremos la luna llena del Castor y la segunda celebración de One World Music. (Los castores son “spirit animals” altamente considerados, y son los constructores de su propia vida – algo que todos queremos lograr.) El evento ofrecerá deliciosos platos vegetarianos de diversas culturas. Ven con tus amigos y familias – habrán muchas actividades. ¡Será un evento inolvidable!

ONE WORLD MUSIC Celebración 
domingo día 5 de noviembre del 2017 – 12:00h-22:00h
Ca na Susi 
Carretera de Valldemossa 10,9km (5km del Ocimax) Palma de Mallorca
15€ por persona, o
11€ en-línea (cantidad limitada)

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Selma Montana presenta One World Music

Giulia presenta One World Music

José Docen presenta One World Music

César Solana presenta One World Music

Omar Nyang presenta One World Music