Mana Cultura


The Rising of the New Generation for Ecology


Music Productions Mallorca

Mark-Pulido – Cumie

Mallorca Concert
Monday 11 July 2016

Mallorca concert produced by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura

Ecstatic Dance Tour
Barcelona – Madrid – Mallorca June 19th 2016

Dave Stringer – Brenda McMorrow – Ravi Ramoneda – Pascal de Lacaze – Antoine Bonsorte – Arun Ji

Mallorca concert produced by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura

Mallorca Concert June 2016

Produced by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura


Mallorca Concert 2016

Concert Production by Antoine Bonsorte at Mana Cultura

The Funkers
Get on the Boat
Music Video

Edited by Antoine Bonsorte at Mana Cultura

Film Work

Los Angeles, California

Apollo 13

Space ship cockpit
Computer design & Laser cutting

Minority Report

Prop making and Set construction

Batman Forever

Batman aluminum and bronze logo
Set construction

Memoires of a Geisha

Costume accessories sculpting and fabrication


Creation of digital Sculpting Deapartment
Computer design and sculpting of all elements of exterior and interior pyramid space ship


Computer design and laser cutting
all surface details on 2 miniature boats

Superman Returns

Shield, cape, buckle and boots
Sculpture Prototype


Set construction and computer backgrounds printing

Terminator 3D

Laser and vinyl cutting

Independance Day

Spaceship bottom sculpting


Plaque sculpting for dvd image
for 20th anniversary

Alien Resurrection

Computer design and laser cutting
for set construction

RA Nightclub | Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Master sculpting of all panels

Borgatta Hotel Auditorium

Panel sculpting and gold leaf finish

Storyopolis Book

& Media store

Interior design and exterior signage

Factory Nightclub

Los Angeles

Interior design and fabrication of decorative elements

Signature Sculpted panels

for interiror design

Morroccan style home

Silk drapes and furnitures

Stage decoration for
Bette Middler

Satge design and fabrication
Lamp design and fabrication
Tables dressing

Warner Brother’s
President Wedding

Concept and design
Stone Walls, Ceiling garden,
Painted carpet, Granite floors,
Trees  and branches and table dressing

Fire & Ice Event

Red Carpet event
with metal and fabric walls

Stage design

Arganda Winery

Concept and design

Madrid Apartment

Remodeling plan

Krea Kolektiva

Festival Event visualization plan

Country Festival

FORD Event visualization plan

Guitar Set

FORD Event visualization plan