Mana Cultura presents the first “One World Music” event, to celebrate the Spring Equinox and Father’s Day, in Palma at the Casal de Barri Jovent Sa Midoneria (Sa Indioteria) on March 19th.  

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6€ Entrance ticket at the door

6€ delicious vegetarian plate


Free entrance for children under 6
Free children workshops

For any question or information email to: or call 871 116 483

Videos de la última edición 
One Word Music - 19 de marzo de 2017

Bibiana Casa bailando con SONICA Project

en la celebración de One World Music

Cumie presentando One World Music Celebration

Omar Niang de Mana Cultura para One World Music Celebration

Pepe Guindos presentando One World Music Celebration

Bibiana Casa presentando One World Music Celebration

Line up

11:30-12:30 Dj Eridú – Javier Florit (Spain)

12:30-13:00 Selma Montana (Germany)

13:00-13:45 | Pedro Rosa (Brasil) & Guests Artists

13:45-14:00 | Stage Point Little Show (producción de la Escola Global)

14:00-14:45 | Nayla Yenquis Group
Nayla Yenquis – Voz ( Argentina )
Richard Vinton – Piano ( USA )
César Capote – Contrabajo ( Venezuela )
Toni Beltran – Bateria ( España )

15:00-15:45 | Omar Niang (Senegal) & guest artists

16:00-16:45 | Fura Foly & Djinns

17:00-17:45 | Sonica Project
Antoine Bonsorte (Italia)
& Cumie (EEUU)

with special guests:
Shaman Duke (Francia)
Gergö Marton (Hungría)
Arno Bazin (Francia)
Hernan Livolsi (Argentina)

18:00-18:45 | ARA live
Giovanni Marco Scavelli (Italia)
Chand Llamas (Mallorca)
Gergö Marton (Hungría)

19:00-20:00 DJ Selk Nam
Iñigo de Latorre (Spain)


Bibiana Casas  (España)

Dahlia grupo de Danza Tribal

 Anna Sollinni (Inglaterra)

Kayvalia (Mallorca)

Aida Fiol (Mallorca)

Elisabeth Carre (Mallorca)

Kalindy (Mallorca)

Ambra di Trani Mendez (Italia/Uruguay)

Visual Artists

Olga Manzanaro (Spain)

Mana Cultura presents the first “One World Music” event, to celebrate the Spring Equinox and Father’s Day, in Palma at the Casal de Barri Jovent Sa Midoneria (Sa Indioteria) on March 19th.

This event features live music, dance performances and activities for adults and children. It will be a lovely Sunday, to enjoy the beginning of Spring with family and friends.

Mana Cultura Association is a non-profit organization, based in Palma de Mallorca, dedicated to promoting culture linked to well-being. Mana Cultura organizes events with musicians, dancers, artists, artisans and professionals in health, nutrition, yoga and healthy lifestyle.

Mana Cultura, Jovent Association and Stage Point of Escola Global join together on this occasion to promote culture, education and social projects. The Casal’s facilities include a concert stage, a chillout area, a space for the little ones with activities, an eating area with a big wood oven where we will make delicious pizzas, and all the necessary elements to create an unforgettable day.

For any questions, please contact us at
or by phone at Mana Cultura Studio – 871 116 483

Event location. Sa Midoneria

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Event Maps

Here is our event. Sa Midoneria is a very nice house and a cultural center.
The place is ideal for events. It has a stage, a grass area, gardens, ovens, a bar and above all they do a cultural work of great value.

El Cami de na Cerdana is a narrow 2-way road and only allows parking on one side. To avoid creating unnecessary traffic we invite you to park 3mn by car or 10mn by walking in the Cami de Tintorers (street that surrounds Son Castello).

If you arrive at Sa Midoneria, we will tell you the way. You can also leave your people at the entrance of the event and park later. There you might find our van that will accompany you to the event or you can walk on foot for 10mn on a beautiful path surrounded by flowers. See you there !!! 

Promotional video announcement

Countdown to March 19th 2017








Cooperativa Jovent y el Centro Cultural Sa Midoneria nos reciben generosamente y permiten que este evento se realice.
Queremos expresar nuestra enorme gratitud y queremos crear un evento lindisimo de música, alegria, cultura y mucha alegria!!!

Celebraciones, talleres infantiles y custodia, parque infantil en el corazón de Palma

Para más información llámanos al 971 719 851. Gracias!

Cerveza Artesanal Mallorquina


Seeds Smart Events promueve generosamente y co-produce el evento con Mana Cultura. Gracias Ariel Eder y su equipo. Somos muy agradecidos!!!

La promotora Seeds, nace como una idea de organizar fiestas y eventos inteligentes.

Al igual que se habla de ciudades inteligentes, la cuales se planifican para responder a las necesidades de los habitantes teniendo en cuenta la sostenibilidad, el concepto de Eventos Inteligentes es similar;

Respondiendo a las necesidades culturales, artísticas y sociales de los habitantes teniendo en cuenta su grado de implicación, la interactividad y la sostenibilidad en cada encuentro.

Seeds pretende realizar convocatorias a un público residente mixto, local e internacional que cada vez más convive en Mallorca,  entre 30 y 50 años con múltiples intereses y diferentes preferencias culturales y musicales.

Con Seeds cosechamos momentos inolvidables

Stage Point

Stagepoint creative academy offers a range of performance-based classes including acting, musical theatre and dance and film. We offer a fun and creative environment where students can explore their capabilities and develop their full potential as inspiring, creative stars. Our students in performing arts and audiovisual arts learn from the best as classes are taught by professionals from the theatre and film world. 
We offer performing arts programs for various age-groups and professional education for audio-visual enthusiasts.


Kindly provides free transportation between the parking areas to Sa Midoneria, our event location.
Thank you Vanrell