Musical Production

We produce acoustic and digital music.

We use Ableton Live and Logic Pro X as our main DAWs.
Presonus Studiolive mixer and interface.
MOTU audio interfaces.
Shure, Audio-Technica, Blue microphones.

Come visit our studio and check our music department.

Concert Production

We produce concerts and events in Mallorca and abroad.
In 2016 we have produced several concerts including Dave Stringer, Brenda Mc Marrow, Ravi Ramoneda, Tina Malia, Mark Pulido – Cumie, Joan Condall and more.
We provide high quality equipment and we record all our concerts with our Studiolive consoles providing extremely clear and punchy sound.



We love to compose, arrange and record music. There is a say that musicians buy $50.000 of equipment, travel in a $500 car to play for 50$ and it is true.
If you really love music as we do, you will be making music whatever happens. It’s devotion, love, studying, exploring, expressing your voice. It is an inevitable love story that lasts a lifetime.


Music Productions- Mallorca 2016

Mark-Pulido – Cumie

Mallorca Concert
Monday 11 July 2016

Mallorca concert produced by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura

Ecstatic Dance Tour
Barcelona – Madrid – Mallorca June 19th 2016

Dave Stringer – Brenda McMorrow – Ravi Ramoneda – Pascal de Lacaze – Antoine Bonsorte – Arun Ji

Mallorca concert produced by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura

Mallorca Concert June 2016

Produced by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura

Mallorca Concert 2016

Concert Production by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura

The Funkers
Get on the Boat
Music Video

Edited by Antoine Bonsorte
at Mana Cultura